I'm Samantha Renée,

and I'm really passionate about helping women scale their e-commerce business from 6 to 7 figures in annual revenue.

I'm also a boy mom, e-commerce growth expert, and producer at Shopify creating video tutorials to help business owners feel confident in every area of business. 

Do you know how successful you are?

The biggest thing I've noticed with six figure women, is that they don't know how wildly successful they actually are.

Do a little research and you'll find that among other things, women generally don't feel confident asking for financing, taking the risks that lead to exponential growth, or scaling. Period.

In this climate, everything about the world is changing, fast. We need to stick together, and lift one another up in business. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to work with the next wave of confident millionaires and help them get there faster.

Let's get it.

Sam 💙

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Thanks again joining us to speak at this year’s Toronto eCommerce Operations Workshop. We’ve heard great feedback from merchant attendees about your content.

- Lindley, Canada Post

Samantha was helpful as much as she was personable. My goal was succinctly accomplished because of her efforts. Thanks Samantha!

- Private Client

She was very kind, knowledgeable and patient with all of my many questions. She reminded me of someone that I had known for a long time and I was quite comfortable speaking with her about the vision I have for my Shopify Website.

- Private Client

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