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Have you ever met someone on a chance encounter and found yourself thinking about the short conversation you had with them weeks, or even months, later? Think about that feeling. We all have it in us to be the person that, through showing genuine interest and care for others, have a lasting impact on people we meet. Mastering her natural propensity for empathy is the key to entrepreneur Samantha Renée's success in business.


broker business - the business of relationships


Nurturing and leveraging relationships makes all the difference in the success of every business venture. Samantha has proven this to be true in the corporate housing, insurance, beauty and software industries. 

The value of a relationship is determined by the what both parties give to one another. In business, Samantha is known to go above and beyond and she is always ready to help. 


speaking topics

Lifestyle design

Designing a life you love means only accepting circumstances that align with your life goals. If the goal is happiness & success, define what that looks like to you and accept nothing less.

Samantha works from home with her life partner and she can take advantage of the things that are important to her like travel, entrepreneurship & inspiring others to succeed in business.

Working from home Location Independence Coping with Anxiety & Stress 


Relationship building 

To connect, show empathy and give constructive feedback in a way that is caring and trustworthy, is a skill held by few. Yet relationships are at the centre of every partnership.

Known for her ability to show radical candor, Samantha has the ability to connect on a personal level, teach while uplifting and to inspire hard work and creativity.

Account Management Sales Networking


eCommerce strategy

When taking your business online where do you start? How do you get traffic? What is SEO? These are questions Samantha had before diving into the online world.

Samantha has built a successful online business and now inspires entrepreneurs to create their own businesses as well. Samantha believes efficiency is the key to streamlining business operations and technology is at the centre of that.

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