a connection from the heart

To connect, show empathy and give constructive feedback in a way that is caring and trustworthy, is a skill held by few. Yet, relationships are at the centre of every business.

Known for my ability to show radical candor, I love to connect with people on a personal level. My goal is to teach while uplifting, and inspire hard work and confidence.

Through my career, growing multiple businesses, and becoming a mom, I’ve had tons of experiences. And I’ve always been open to sharing my personal growth, lifestyle design and business strategy with anyone who is interested to listen.  

Book me, to inject some fun, charisma and passion into your event!

Business Strategy

•  Start up
•  Branding
•  Digital Marketing & trends
•  Going from Bricks to Clicks
•  SEO 
•  Scaling

Lifestyle Design

•  Working From Home
•  Location Independence
•  Working with a Remote Team
•  Working with Your Life Partner

Personal Growth

•  Discipline Over Motivation
•  Pushing Through Anxiety
•  Battling Imposter Syndrome
•  Growth mindset
•  Being the ‘only’ - Only woman, only black, only young person

For workshops, hosting, speaking or keynotes, contact us, or check out my speaker profile for more details.

I'm open to local events in Toronto and the GTA, across Canada, or international.