Renée is an entrepreneur and e-commerce growth strategist. She is the co-founder a quality hair extensions company called Weave Got It Canada and founder of beauty partner and business community She Reigns.

Samantha has the spirit of entrepreneurship is in her blood. She has been inspired over the years by her parents who've invested in and flipped real estate.

Their success as small business owners was the spark that ignited her quest to become an entrepreneur. Their website, groutmasters.ca, was one of the first websites Samantha created. ("I've tried to get them to update it but they love it, and it's making them money so... lol")

Weave Got It Canada was created to give women more confidence by offering quality hair and beauty education to women everywhere. Women spend hundreds on hair extensions just to throw them away after a few weeks. WGI offers you the best quality hair that won't leave a trail of hair behind you and last up to 2 years. Simple as that. 

She Reigns is a natural progression for Samantha who is looked to by her peers for support in business ventures. "I like to inspire people and people often ask me for business advice so I want to be able to do it all the time". She Reigns provides mentorship, leadership & partnership opportunities for women in the beauty industry. 

"When I was a kid, my mom knew that if we went to an event and I went missing, she could always find me on the stage". Samantha says about her love for life, people and sharing a connection. Her goal is to motivate women to be their best selves and encourage sisterhood.