Ready to hit
a million?

Scale to Seven is a 6 week coaching program for women, designed to give you the tools & strategy to push through your plateau, and confidently scale your product business to a million dollar a year brand, in less than a year.

My proven system ensures consistent growth in product businesses that want to increase their reach, brand loyalty, and of course, revenue.

You don't need to be a digital marketing expert, but you do need to know enough to trust yourself & your team.

Hey lovie,

I'm Samantha Renée! I'm a boss at identifying growth levers in product businesses, and I created Scale to Seven to personally help women take their product businesses from six to seven figures, with confidence.

My superpowers:
- I make digital marketing fun & human.
- I keep it real, & keep you confident.
- I set you up for long term consistent growth.

I've worked big brands like Shopify, Google, Staples and more. But my fave is definitely working with smaller businesses (who love their customers) to implement systems & amplify growth.

I can wait to work with you! Let's do this.


Get Clear

Identify the tools, automations and platforms that are right for your business’ growth. Use my proven framework to get new customers and keep them coming back.

Get Confident

Get confident about your growth. Identify the metrics that are important to your brand. You'll understand how to analyze and use your data to improve your margins and ROI.

Scale Up

Create and optimize your marketing and growth strategy. Put systems in place to exponentially grow your ecommerce business with more certainty and less impostor syndrome.

Are you ready to breeze past your revenue plateau?

You might be asking questions like:

•  How do I grow my product business?
•  What kind of marketing is right for my business?
•  What kind of strategy will give me the best ROI?

You can confidently grow your product business to a million dollar a year brand in less than a year.

Get the strategy, tools & confidence you need to do it!

Enroll now!
You'll get:
Milestones & Methodology

   Tailored scale plan
   My proven SAM lean scaling methodology
   Templates, checklists, worksheets & more!


   6 Live strategy modules
   6 Live group coaching calls
   Weekly office hours
   Lifetime access to recordings & private community


   Brand audit with customized feedback
  Email automation maps
  Competitor analysis report

With a little confidence, you can do ANYTHING!

First, we'll audit your business. Then we'll put systems in place to power your eCommerce, streamline your operations, capture and communicate with your customers.

We'll use analytics to drive decisions, better serve your customers, and cut costs.

Finally, we'll figure out the right type of marketing that feels authentic to your audience so that you can consistently create and optimize your marketing strategy.

→ Identify the most successful areas of your business.

→ Outline & prioritize business areas in need of optimization.

→ Uncover areas in need of new systems, tools & strategies.

→ Become a systems thinker and build your marketing funnel.

→ Refine & segment your customer personas and customer journey.

→ Uncover areas for creation. Identify the need for new systems & tools.

→ Add the missing data collection tools & enhance existing ones.

→ Understand the metrics that are important to focus on now, and as you scale.

→ Learn to make data-driven decisions to take your business to new heights.

→ Take advantage of free website traffic and sales with SEO, Content Marketing & more.

→ Amplify your marketing efforts with lean paid ads, remarketing & email strategies.

→ Evaluate key partnerships and confidently choose opportunities with long-term ROI.

→ Prioritize your next big blocks, set SMART goals and deadlines.

→ Unleash your superpowers and save $$ with MAC hiring.

→ Activate your scale plan so you can soar past your million!

Ready to Scale to Seven?

Join me for 6 weeks of live coaching!
12-month Results

Grow your revenue.

Build your brand.


Thanks again joining us to speak at this year’s Toronto eCommerce Operations Workshop. We’ve heard great feedback from merchant attendees about your content.

Lindley, Canada Post

Samantha was helpful as much as she was personable. My goal was succinctly accomplished because of her efforts. Thanks Samantha!

Private Client

Do you only work with women?
No! I'm a woman, a black woman, and I know and can relate to the struggle that comes with. It doesn't matter what gender you are, if you're ready to put in the work, I'm willing to work with you.

When can I apply?
To ensure quality, cohorts are limited each month to 3-5 businesses. When you apply, you may need to go on the waitlist for the next cohort.

I'm almost hitting 100k annually, is that okay?
Sure! 100k is really just a benchmark that shows how invested you are in growing your brand. I want to work with makers & brand builders.

I'm not on Shopify, will you still help me?
Of course! My preferred platform is definitely Shopify, but the keys to scale still apply no matter which platform you're on.

How often do you accept applicants?
It depends on demand. I like to work with small groups so that I can give dedicated attention to the people I'm working with. Each cohort is selected based on when the application was received. Additional applicants go on a waiting list for the next cohort.

How much does it cost?
You'll be looking at a 4-5 figure investment depending on the add ons you choose.

How much time do I need each week?
You'll need to set aside time for a 1 hr lesson & 1-2 hours of homework. You can work through the lessons at your own pace. Each week, you can take advantage of office hours to ask questions. Or come to our mastermind sessions ready to work on strategy.

More questions answered in my FAQ blog post!