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When I was asked to do an event at Humber I was excited for the opportunity to speak with and inspire the minds of Humber Business at their Tech Week 2017.

5 Shopify Gurus including my bestie Rachel and myself, took Humber Business through the basics of starting a Shopify Store, the business aspects of deciding on Shipping Rates, technical things like the integration of the Facebook Pixel, how remarketing works and much more.

The presentation was supposed to run for an hour and then allow for a break. We went 3 hours straight and didn't even notice, so that should tell you the energy in the room. I loved seeing the excitement of the students as they started to understand what's possible with Shopify.

We answered question after question and by the end, they were inspired and wanted to keep in touch. As we exchanged information, I remembered the earlier question 'how can we get to where you are? What does it take to get into Shopify', and I thought about what we really gave them that day.

We are 5 totally awesome but totally normal human beings. We come from a range of different backgrounds, none of them originating in Tech. 2 studied Psychology, 2 studied Journalism and I studied Sociology.

Shopify has a way of finding people that are smart, ambitious, passionate and resourceful (or Scrappy as we would say). Just to give you and idea of the hustle we have, 3 of us are also e-commerce entrepreneurs with Shopify Stores: waveandcrown.com, carneboysjerky.com & weavegotit.ca

I often have to remind myself that not everyone does what we do, and that is something to aspire to. I'm thankful to be able to work with amazing people and for all of the amazing things I have the opportunity to learn each day.

Where will the awesome world of e-commerce take me to next?

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