Why shouldn't everyone have gravy?

That extra money that goes towards what you want. Not measly earnings from a High-Interest Savings Account, where you let the bank hold on to your money, use it and pay you 0.55% interest... but actual gravy.

I'm talking a few extra thousand dollars a month from your gravy generation tool, to finance your goals, or whatever makes you happy.
Everyone should have that, but most of us are so caught up with everyday life, that we don't put any time into the things that will change our lives.

Like money; if you want to make time, you'll need to invest time. The way I see it, invest now, and you'll have the rest of your life to spend it.

Getting started.

Starting an online store can be something you do over a weekend, or it could take you a year to get it exactly how you want it. The important thing is to know what your intent is with the store.

Are you creating an online store for gravy purposes only? Or are you building a brand that you would want to live on forever? 
Right now, I'll talk about the gravy store. This is for those who do not necessarily want to invest time into creating a unique product but want to earn a healthy income online.

I'd like to get you thinking about the types of products you'd like to sell. The aim is to look for products with large markup potential and low upfront investment. Over the coming weeks, I will open a new gravy store, and document the process step by step. 



If you don't want it for yourself you won't find the time to invest and you will be easily swayed by the lack of instant gratification there can be. You are building a business... so that will require you doing work.

Again let me clarify... YOU ARE BUILDING A BUSINESS AND YOU WILL NEED TO WORK. An online business won't work if you don't, period.


Invest 1 hour of desk time and one hour of phone time into your business every day. Desk time is the time you take when you're at your desk, on your laptop, putting your site together or adding your products. Phone time is the time you spend reading, researching or coming up with marketing ideas.


Can you look in the face of opportunity and stare without blinking until you achieve what's in front of you? There are more often more excuses than reasons to persevere.

So why not make your lifestyle your reason? What do YOU want your life to look like? Is it about the Gucci bag? The 2016 X5? For me, it's about the first freeing up time and having enough money to do what I want, when I want.

It's not about looking the part, it's about living it. What does your ideal lifestyle look like?

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  • Verny B

    Congrats on the creation and development of your blog my friend . My ideal lifestyle is having the freedom of being that creative person that is a productive member of our society. I feel it is important for me to be self reliant and independent while giving back because i strongly believe in the power of appreciating community, unity within diverse cultures, and assisting others with unlocking potential. I don’t think the materials that you have measure who you are as a person but how treat people ultimately speaks volumes as to the type of person you are. I want my lifestyle to express who I am as a person which is being a leader, spiritual and genuinely caring, loyal yet serious with a no nonsence attitude. Don’t get me wrong i enjoy jokes, laughing and having fun, I just don’t think everything is a joke. Knowing basic laws and principles or having a moral compass or by understanding that when you treat others the way you want to be treated ideally you will attract the lifestyle that you wish to live. Spending less time complaining and spending more to making goals and setting time to achieve. Salute and cheers to you and your success keep up the good work.

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