Define YOUR Success

Just about 2 years ago at this time, I made a decision about what I wanted for my life. I had left my corporate, soul sucking job and offered another even more corporate soul sucking job. At the time, it looked great. Six figures with bonuses, I would be managing the national Inside Sales team of a multinational corporation and I would be on the "Director Track" to become a Director within 2 years. 

For most people, this would sound like the opportunity of a lifetime. The Vice President of Global Sales, wanted to take me out to coffee to tell me why they really wanted me to join the company. I had applied for a position at Shopify by this time and still hadn't heard back. 

I went to coffee with the feeling that I might take the job. I walked into the meeting somewhat excited about the stability and "growth" potential. Now that the interview was over and the offer was on the table, I wanted to more specifics about the things that mattered most to me like work from home flexibility and company culture. 

I'm not sure why I expected anything else, but he basically said no to the flexibility and glazed over the culture topic zeroing in on the fact that I would be a Director in 2 years. He used buzz words like 'Fast Track' "Senior Level" and "direct reports". 😒  He had no idea that the more he spoke, I became less interested. 

He went on to basically tell me that they needed my awesomeness at their company. He told me he hadn't met anyone like me before and could see me going straight to the top and he wanted to be the one to help get me there. I'm sure it wasn't what he was going for but I felt a shift inside of me. I realize that being at the top of a corporation wasn't was I wanted at all. In that moment, I told myself "I'm awesome! I'm going to do what makes ME happy and create a life that I love" 

I turned down the job offer and decided to direct all of my energy and hope into Shopify. I had already started a business on Shopify, and though I had never spoken to anyone at the company I got the feeling that they were my kind of people. The system was too good, the resources were too good, and the branding really spoke to me. I could feel the brand personality and since I'm a real business nerd, I was already in love. 

A couple of weeks later, which felt more like years, Shopify called back and offered me a position. I've been helping other hustlers to build their empires ever since. I think back on that time of my life and I know now that back then I didn't know what happiness was. Living a life I love, and seeing positivity and inspiration around me every day has been a blessing. 

My 8 year anniversary of working at Shopify is just around the corner and they have been the best 80 years of my life. 

Define YOUR success. What does success look like to you? 

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