10 Ways Canva.com will save you time and $$.

Without a doubt, my favorite tool and the tool I recommend to e-commerce merchants the most is canva.com. There are so many ways to use it that I use it for just about everything.

If you are like me, it takes forever to make the perfect post or choose the photo for my social media banners. It can be a real drag when the photo you finally upload won't crop the way you want or show the important part of the picture.

Using Canva has changed that completely. Below, I'll take you through the many ways I use Canva for Shopify and other things.

1. Pre-sized Canvases


Start by choosing the size or shape of the media you'd like to create.You can choose from template collections that include canvases for:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Documents
  • Blogging & eBooks
  • Marketing Materials
  • Social Media & Email Headers
  • Event marketing items
  • & Ad Templates

Shopify Tip - This is a great hack for when your product photos and titles won't line up on your collection page. By uploading all of your product images to 1 canvas, you'll be able to ensure that your product photos are all the same size, and they'll line up correctly in your collections. See it in action here.

2. Storage

I'm not sure if Canva has a limit on a number of files you can upload, but I have hundreds of pictures in there. It's really helpful to be able to add things like a logo to a picture without searching on my computer for the logo file each time.

3. Stock images


High-resolution stock images right in the editor for free, or a whopping  $1.... Need I say more?

4. Templates


Not very creative? Me neither, when it comes to design. I change my mind about if I like something over and over again, and it takes me forever. Luckily Canva has tons of templates you can follow. You might adjust or change every single thing, but you'll know you're on the right track.

Pro tip: You can use all of the templates as a guide, even the paid ones. Simply replace or delete the paid elements (usually stock images) and you'll be able to use any design template for free.

5. Layers


A simple function that I found difficult before Canva was layering one picture on top of another and/or adding a layer of text. On Canva this is a basic function making it really easy to add a logo, watermark or promotional text to any photo or stock image.

Pro Tip: You can create beautiful slideshow images or promotional images with Canva. Replacing that image alone, with something high resolution and sexy you created in Canva, can take your website to the next level.

6. Edit images


In the image editor, you can adjust the photo slightly or completely, by using filters or adjusting the image. You can also increase and decrease transparency, flip or rotate the images.

7. Tools



Because I'm a perfectionist, I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for the perfect elements to add to a photo or create a post. Something as simple as a white square on top of a photo could drive me nuts if I couldn't adjust it or make it translucent. All the shapes and elements I could ever want are in Canva. If I need something else, I can always upload it anyways. 

8. Upload Your Own Images

No need to crop your photos when you're using Canva. After taking your photos simply upload them to Canva. When you place them on the selected canvas, resize & reposition your image to fill your canvas.  Whenever do need to crop, you can use the photo editor to do that ;).

9. File Formats

Once your design is ready, you have a few choices of file format for download. Choose from a PNG for high resolution, JPEG for smaller website photos, a standard PDF, or a PDF for print with your choice of using crop marks and bleed lines for guidance when cutting out your printed design


10. Upgrades

I've been able to do without upgrading so far, but the features really are tempting! The one thing that I've been really wanting to take advantage of is the transparent photos.  I may upgrade in the future as I can only imagine how much more beneficial canva could be.

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